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4 commentaires

Axel · 19 juin 2024 à 17h27

I loved the location , so many possibilities , next year i would use all parralel roads on top of the mountain next to the windmill, makes a great way to pass and drive next o eachother .
The hillclimps where great , pitty i could not do the onece on saturday .
The organisation was great , a few beauty flaws but nothing major .
Nightstage, i was glad i was of with the first 5 and it was still light , this was a BIG advantage over te other.
Crew was great , organisation was great , location was great just me not so great on saturday 🙂

keep up the good work

ps , i would like the penaly points seperate on the time results

Jim Marsden · 19 juin 2024 à 18h31

Thank you King of France for a fantastic weekend of racing in an amazing place.
If you love hard fast Ultra 4 style racing and want to race the best teams in Europe in incredible surroundings…. make sure you are here in 2025.
Thank you Nicolas for having the vision, the passion and the belief to make this happen.

Fab Mendola · 19 juin 2024 à 23h51

Nothing but good things to say about the race, race course was perfect imo, not too hard, not too easy.

I was with the first cars to go during qualifying so it went fast, but the last cars had a long wait, and they hoped they would go first for the night run, which did not happen, that was the onlay complain I heard from my racing friends.
As Axel said, first cars (like me) had quite an advantage during night qualifying as it started very early.
Also for spectators, had a lot of friends and family coming, they were bit upset there was no dedicated spectator zones to see the cars. I know it’s very difficult to set those up for safety reasons but you will have to keep this in mind if you want the event to grow even bigger !

Keep up the good work !


Andrea Calandri · 20 juin 2024 à 12h08

Awesome location and terrain, perfect track for ours UTV’s, simply love it and we will be here on 2025 for sure. The only thing that was a bit annoying was waiting for the start of night stage prologue, maybe a solution would be to do 2 consecutive prologue laps during the day picking up the best lap time in order to make the starting grid on race 1.

By the way, thank you so much to make possibile for us to do this sport.

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